Digitisation is NOT a Switch!

Digitising/Scanning a document doesn’t immediately result in an accurate complete reliable reproduction of the original source document. This is because an organisation needs to be able to prove that the reproduction made is an accurate, complete reliable reproduction of the original source document which can be used in place of a physical source document.  To do that you need a Digitisation Framework.

However before we address this you need to consider undertaking the following five steps:


    Develop and Implement a Digitisation Strategy and or Policy endorsed by Executive


    Ensure you have reduced the quantity of paper received by the organisation via any incoming hard copy mail process


    More opportunity to reduce the volume of hard copy documents within business process, if your survey is delivered before you implement your Framework. Digitisation that is not required is costly and small changes to business process often result in less hard copy documents.


    Implement a Digitisation Framework


    Be Aware that Digitisation of paper documents will have a major impact on the following:

  • Business Processes
  • IT Infrastructure (processing/performance and digital storage requirements), and
  • Process of Digitisation/Scanning