What is a Digitisation Policy?

A Digitisation Policy provides the basis for establishing a standardised digitisation framework throughout an organisation, which:

  • Adheres to any compliance requirements for the disposal of Source Records
  • Meets international best practice standards for implementation of digitisation processes
  • Ensures digital images created are an accurate, complete and reliable reproduction of the original source document
  • Facilitates more effective and efficient management, use and disposal of records
  • Enables the organisation to take advantage of any relevant legislation impacting on the process of digitisation
  • Supports the organisation to make the digital transition required to establish a fully electronic operating environment

The Policy must be endorsed by the organisation’s Executive, as the Policy is crucial to communicating the new direction the organisation is taking towards a digital environment.


Individual Business Units (BU) will need to consider how having an electronic document ‘only’ within their business processes and operations will impact on how they do their work. i.e. Up until now BUs may receive the hard copy documents and use hard copy files.