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IM Strategy

Migrating to the Cloud

Security and Access – Network Drives v’s Information Systems

Digital Continuity for 21st Century Organisations

Help Sheets

IRIS Consulting Group has developed a series of helpsheets written by our team of highly specialised consultants.

How can we manage forbidden terms, rules, and metadata for record titles?

The application of meaningful titles to documents and records ensure that they can be found and used when they are needed. This IRIS Helpsheet sets out appropriate rules for titles, names, acronyms and metadata, and how those rules should be applied.

How can we best use e-Signatures in place of ‘wet’ signatures at Government organisations?

The use of eSignatures is increasing as we apply this method of authorisation to documents that we create in the course of our work. eSignatures are convenient, easy to use, and save both costs and time.

Our Digital Strategy, Transition, or Transformation must consider carefully the business processes around the use of eSignatures at Government organisations, and managing Digitisation Risk around eSignatures includes ensuring the capacity to use this technology.

How can we best use e-Signatures at our Private and NFP organisations?

Digitisation Risk around eSignatures includes ensuring the capacity to use eSignatures for ‘born digital’ documents, ensuring that documents using eSignatures are compliant with legal requirements, and that the business processes, policies, and procedures which control the use of eSignatures at our organisations support this compliance. In practice, this means that we can apply eSignatures in new ways at our organisations.

Can you be sure your organisation is operating digitally?

From IRIS’s experience whilst many organisations believe they are operating digitally, there are often pockets within an organisation which are not. These could deliver improved business efficiency via improved information management and use of ICT/Technology.

Quick Information Management Review

What can you do to quickly review your organisation to establish whether Information Management Assets/Investments are delivering any business benefit to the organisation?

Scanning & Digitisation

What do you need to do to establish a scanning or digitisation program which will ensure you are able to create a reliable and accurate reproduction of the source document?

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