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Hot Topic 1:  Information Governance

What are the big-picture benefits of Information Governance (IG) and how are they achieved?

While the aim of IG is to support business outcomes for an organisation, it is not always understood that it is the appropriate structures for information that support good IG.

The benefits of good IG are many and include:

  • Authentic and reliable sources, links, and metadata
  • Closer adherence to regulatory frameworks
  • A complete spectrum of managed information from Social Media through to encrypted data
  • Optimised storage, security, retention and retrieval

The structures that help to bring about these benefits include frameworks, policies, processes, standards, roles and controls – and most importantly, technologies.

Taking best advantage of technological opportunities should form part of your IG structure, and how to use such technologies effectively is an important consideration.

Read more about Information Governance at this webpage.

Ros Malone, Online Content