Round Table Discussions

The Round Table Discussion service has been established to allow clients to access the depth of current experience and specialist knowledge from one or more consultants in a very cost effective way.

How does it work?

This is not a training course. The ‘Round Table’ sessions are unstructured and flexible which engenders and facilitates extended discussion and debate on a specific topic. Neither are they ‘talk fests’ which have no direction, they usually involve a group of up to 8 people who need to discuss the topic, but require some objective and specialist input.

Clients regularly approach IRIS about a topic that they would like to know more about or require specialist input into planning for a project. For example:

  • Digital Signatures
  • Digitisation issues and problems
  • Applying the Electronic Transactions Act
  • Best or most suitable system implementation for a specific organisation
  • Addressing barriers to change
  • Change Management issues
  • Simplifying ministerial processing
  • Improve a business process
  • Achieving business efficiency

Prices are based on the IRIS Consultant’s current knowledge and experience and are costed for a single consultant to attend. Once IRIS has been briefed on the ‘Round Table’ topic, if the client would prefer the IRIS Consultant to undertake some research prior to attending the meeting or require a detailed agenda developed then an additional charge will apply.

Contact us for current pricing.