IRIS Consulting Group provides a range of eCourses which support learning within the Information and Records Management arena. IRIS eCourses are provided using the Thinkific online software platform for seamless multi-device delivery. Through the Thinkific platform, we continue to design online training for our clients to enable remote delivery and support and enhancement for, or in place of, Face to Face training. By using the Thinkific software, IRIS provides a Web platform for our clients to easily access a customisable training environment – that does not require the purchase and installation of a Learning Management System.

Online training is a flexible way of learning using video, graphics, quizzes, and downloadable content for each participant to keep and use. When you choose one of our eCourses through the IRIS Website, you will be directed to the IRIS Thinkific page – including FREE ACCESS to our short ‘How To‘ video about Day Boxing. You will find a selection of what is available currently in the list below.

Keyword Classification eCourse

$165 per person inc GST           

Keyword Classification for Local Government

$165 per person inc GST           

Records Management Basics

$165 per person inc GST           

Recordkeeping and Accountability for Councillors

$149 per person inc GST

Day Boxing Source Records for Incoming Mail


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