IRIS Consulting Group provides a range of eCourses which support learning within the Information and Records Management arena. IRIS eCourses are provided using the Thinkific online software platform for seamless multi-device delivery. Through the Thinkific platform, we continue to design online training for our clients to enable remote delivery and support and enhancement for, or in place of, Face to Face training. By using the Thinkific software, IRIS provides a Web platform for our clients to easily access a customisable training environment – that does not require the purchase and installation of a Learning Management System.

Online training is a flexible way of learning using video, graphics, quizzes, and downloadable content for each participant to keep and use. When you choose one of our eCourses through the IRIS Website, you will be directed to the IRIS Thinkific page – including FREE ACCESS to our short ‘HOW TO’ video about Day Boxing. You will find a selection of what is available currently in the list below.

Search, Protect and Connect (Your Business Evidence)

$55 per person inc GST           

Records Management Basics

$180 per person inc GST           

Keyword Classification for All (Except Local Government)

$180 per person inc GST           

Keyword Classification for Local Government

$180 per person inc GST           

Sentencing, Disposal and Archiving eCourse

$220 per person inc GST           

Recordkeeping and Accountability for Councillors

$180 per person inc GST

Day Boxing Source Records for Incoming Mail


Online Learning Testimonials

  • Loved the ease and content of the course.

    Belinda Cross Shire of Exmouth
  • [The Records Management Basics eCourse] was a good introduction to Records Management.

    Amy Thiesz Shire of Buloke
  • The [Sentencing, Disposal and Archiving] eCourse was very well structured.

    Paula Killey City of Ipswich
  • This online course is a great refresher for me as it helps me to instil more confidence in performing the sentencing, disposal and archiving exercise in my organisation. It is also an interactive web-based course which I can easily do at my own time and pace. The quizzes are great exercise to recap each session that I have completed. Excellent course and I will not hesitate to apply for other online courses available and highly recommend my colleagues to do these courses as well.

    Bertha Dimin Shire of Capel
  • The course was great, really easy to read and understand.

    Julie Goldsbury City of Ipswich
  • The content is easy to follow and understand.

    Felicity Anderson Shire of Mount Magnet
  • The course was very clear and detailed with descriptions and examples.

    Belinda Rupp City of Albany
  • I liked the content and information that has been put into this short course. I appreciate the ability to set it out so that someone like myself, that had no prior knowledge, could understand.

    Rhiannon Lamothe FlyPelican
  • Thank you for a course that make sense. It was easy to follow, there are areas (Business Classification) that I am not sure of, but will go back now and read the e-course material again. I liked the course and I will suggest it to other records officers.

    Petro Myburgh City of Karratha
  • This course was very informative and certainly assisted in learning all of the rules surrounding how to classify files for local government.

    Samantha Richardson Admin Coordinator, Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku
  • Very informative and clear explanations of what each key term means. (The) online course is flexible.. doesn't time out, so able to complete the course at comfortable speed, whilst also attending to regular in-office tasks.

    Anni Markham Legal Aid WA

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