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A common problem for many information and records management departments is the difficulty of obtaining funds for IM activities and initiatives. This is often because the impact of IM activities and initiatives on the organisation’s business processes is often greatly underestimated by the Business itself.

What Will Developing a Sound Business Case Achieve For You?

A sound business case that clearly illustrates the benefits and risks of an IM initiative, incorporating strong justifications and supported by accurate costs and measures, will convince decision-makers that the request for funding is justified and valid. It will help you to sell the subject of the Business Case and help to prioritise it in the minds of the decision makers. Remember your business case is often one of many that the decision makers will be assessing and you want them to have a good business reason to accept yours over others.

In addition, the business case will demonstrate that through alliances and relationships with ICT and the Business a successful outcome will be achieved.

This workshop will explore the essential components of developing a successful business case, with a practical ‘hands-on’ approach that can be applied by participants in the workplace. This full day interactive workshop is targeted at public sector staff that are endeavouring to deliver effective information management solutions in a tight fiscal environment.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Align your business case with agency objectives and priorities
  • Quantify and articulate the business problem or need
  • Manage and successfully communicate with stakeholders
  • Identify and analyse business problems and risks
  • Assess costs and resource requirements
  • Develop a simple project plan
  • Write a succinct and compelling executive summary

In most cases, funding requests for Information Management or ICT programs or projects must be accompanied by a fully-costed business case that clearly demonstrates the rationale or justification for the initiative.

Developing a convincing Business Case can be problematic, but if you follow some standard processes and if you know how to calculate accurate and realistic costs to support your business case this whole process becomes much more straightforward and more likely to succeed.

An ability to demonstrate a return on investment in financial terms which clearly articulates the costs, benefits, and risks to the decision makers enabling them to better determine how to proceed is fundamental to writing a successful business case.

A solid business case will not only clarify why the initiative is important but will also be used throughout the project as the baseline document for keeping the project on track.

In the course you will get concrete guidance on developing a Business Case which will address the following areas, how to:

  • Clarify the business problem or opportunity to be addressed
  • Develop the objectives and scope of the subject being addressed by the Business Case
  • Consider alternative business options
  • Define and clarify benefits realisation and key performance indicators
  • Clarify any dis-benefits
  • Develop the program timescale
  • Assess costs and any anticipated returns on investment
  • Undertake an investment appraisal
  • Identify major business risks
  • Develop the Executive Summary
  • Engage key stakeholders
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