Business Process

Metadata Management

Information is developing into a valuable asset for organisations, as digital information proliferates, and competitive advantage becomes more and more connected to timely and accurate data. How can we best leverage such an asset and provide information that can be easily found, understood, used, and shared? Identify your information as an asset Creating and, most […]

Building Information Management Capability

The value of well-managed information to organisations is not always well-recognised. Traditional asset management practice has not always identified or treated organisational information as an “asset”. Yet business information is a valuable asset, with a financial value, and one which influences customer service and satisfaction, productivity, and competitive advantage in an information-rich setting. Building the […]

Managing Information in Business Systems

The challenges of managing the Business Information and Business Evidence of our organisations within digital business systems are a day-to-day reality for many people in the workplace. With most organisations operating under distributed Records and Information Management models – which involves different business units across organisations assuming responsibility for managing their own Records and Information […]

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