Welcome to the IRIS Business Hub where we are developing a range of eBusiness Products, Services and Templates.

Our 2 eBiz Packages are a cost effective method to have an IM & RM specialist ‘on-call’, making this service flexible to suit your organisational needs.

eBiz Package 1a

Offers up to 5 Face to Face Meetings each a minimum of 1 hour duration, and is only available in Metropolitan Perth.

$1,900.00 ex GST
10 hours
IM/RM Consulting 
$2,090.00 Inc GST
$1,654.00 ex GST
10 hours
IM/RM Consulting
$1,819.40 Inc GST

IRIS records and accounts for the time used by the organisation on a Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be sent to the organisation periodically during the period covered by the hours purchased.

To purchase any eBiz Packages, please select to purchase by either:

  • Purchase Order Number – You will receive an invoice, via email with your Purchase Order Number referenced and be able to pay by EFT.
  • Credit Card – You will be able to pay instantly and you will receive an invoice, showing the amount paid via email.


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