Customising Training to Suit your Organisation

Information and Records Management is a rapidly evolving field, and work environments reflect these changes. Systems change, organisational change and changes to funding all have an effect on the training needs of people who work with records and information in both the public and private sectors.

‘One size fits all’ or generic training courses don’t always provide the answer to records skills shortages in the workplace and Customised Training can offer an elegant solution.

What is Customised Training?

Customised Training delivers short courses on specific topics and offers the flexibility to fill gaps in knowledge in a time and cost effective way. Navigating network structures, capturing documents and using different types of software and systems are just some of the topics which can be covered via a targeted, customised training course.

Flexible Delivery

Staff working under time pressures and with flexible work hours arrangements are some of the factors that can make traditional group training sessions difficult for an organisation to manage. Specially designed Customised Training courses are different in that they can be provided in a number of flexible ways, including online and in-house.

Balancing Budgets

Short, targeted training sessions or courses designed to meet particular needs are useful in terms of making the most of constrained budgets. Customised Training can be easily arranged into components which are provided as modules, as-needed or ‘on demand’, allowing organisations to support their staff with the exact training they need, when it is needed.

For more information see IRIS Consulting Group’s Training section on our website.


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