Time 9:00am – 4:30pm Registration at 8:45am
Duration 7.5 hours
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Who Should Attend

Records officers, administration officers or Information Managers with responsibility for records management.

Background to the Workshop

This practical course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to establish a Digitisation Program for their organisation.

Course Outcome

Digitisation initiatives are generally driven by any or all of the following, to:

  • Improve information sharing;
  • Improve business efficiency;
  • Reduce hard copy storage requirements and costs.

Organisations whose digitisation processes have not been assessed as reliable may incur significant and largely unnecessary risks and/or costs, such as:

  • Future challenges arising which question whether the digitised version of a source document is an accurate, complete and reliable digital reproduction.
  • Poorly implemented processes having a negative impact on business efficiency.
  • No quantifiable reduction in storage costs as a result of having to retain the source records.

These things must be considered when undertaking any digitisation initiatives, whether the digitisation is undertaken in house or by using a commercial vendor.

Digitisation Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed to support organisations who have already begun, or who wish to begin, scanning documents and records.

The workshop will guide participants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a digitisation program which will enable them to consistently and systematically produce accurate, reliable complete reproductions of source documents.

The workshop will focus on supporting participants in implementing international best practice principles when developing a digitisation program. One of the standards featured is the ISO 13028:2012 – Information and documentation – Implementation guidelines for digitization of records (equivalent to ISO/TR 13028:2010 – effectively the same standard). Participants will also become familiar with the relevant regulatory requirements applicable to scanning of source records within their jurisdiction. For example, in WA these requirements are outlined in the SRC GDA for Source Records and Standard 8 – Managing Digital Information, which can be found on the State Records Office of WA website.

Course Objectives

This training course will provide guidance on establishing a digitisation program in your organisation to facilitate digitising of source documents and records and information received in hard copy.

The workshop will address the following:

Contents of a digitisation program.

  • Equipment and software requirements.
  • Quality control, including scanning quality assurance checks, including application of Test Targets.
  • What metadata should be captured for digitised images.
  • Required output formats.
  • Attributes of a reliable systematic digitisation process.
  • Storage considerations for digital images.
  • Disposal of source records, and documents after scanning and applying the relevant disposal policy, schedule or authority.

Elements of a digitisation risk assessment.

  • Identification of risks applicable to the organisation’s digitisation process and program.
  • Legislative and/or best practice standards applicable to the organisation have been incorporated into the digitisation program to reduce risk exposure.
  • Digital images may be relied upon and used within the business process for which it has been created.
  • Identification of source documents which MUST be retained in hard copy after scanning and assessing the risks applicable to these documents.
  • Identification of non-digital (hard copy) source documents which may be legitimately disposed after scanning and establish that no known or anticipated legal action will occur through the destruction of the source documents.
  • The risk of challenge to the authenticity and integrity of the digital image has been assessed and considered and is/is not acceptable to the organisation.
  • Identification of suitable mitigation strategies to reduce identified risks.

Course Objectives

Using a series of group and individual activities and exercises the workshop participants will be provided with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently approach developing and implementing a digitisation program in their organisation. Participants will address the following:

  • Demonstrate understanding of digitisation concepts using recognised standards.
  • Establish, scope and document the digitisation framework appropriate for your organisation.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the technological considerations and technical specifications to be addressed when digitising source records, including equipment, software and storage considerations.
  • Develop an effective process for the scanning and capture and distribution of source documents.
  • Establish quality control measures to ensure the digitisation processes are reliable and the scanned documents are quality assured to meet legal and business requirements. Including the application of scanning Test Targets.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to implement a disposal program in accordance with your jurisdictional requirements for scanning and disposal of source records.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to assess, evaluate and mitigate risks applicable to Digitisation.

Training Venue Information

The State Library of WA

25 Francis St

Perth WA 6000

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Natalie Lane

Phone: 0438 275 751