How do we remember the training and learning that we take part in to improve our work?

When we are taking part in training sessions, we often take notes and ask questions. Especially at group training sessions, we take part in discussions with both trainers and other trainees. All of these activities are widely acknowledged to improve our memory of the things we have learned.

But what happens when we take part in online training and learning, and how do we remember the things we have learned?

 The Online Environment

An online training course should be designed to improve our memory of the things we have learned, in the same way that taking notes, asking questions and taking part in discussions improve memory in face to face training environments.

However, in the online environment this is done in different ways.

Because our brains prefer to remember unusual pieces of information, online training and learning should always incorporate some of the following elements:

  • Humorous content or situations
  • Content that directs attention to key concepts
  • Storytelling and scenarios
  • Multimedia and quizzes
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Interactivity and mobility

Training and Immediacy

Traditional types of training can sometimes lack the benefit of immediacy, or being able to apply the knowledge we have gained from our training in the workplace without delay. When we return to our work from our training courses, our workload and other demands may mean that we quickly forget what we have learned because we do not use it straight away.

The Benefits of Online Learning

This is an area of training and learning where the online world really shines. Because we can take our online learning into the workplace, our chances to use our knowledge without delay are increased. A good online course will also provide you with two things:

  • Scenarios to test in a risk free environment which can then be applied in the workplace
  • Downloadable content to keep, use and refer to as needed while you work

So we can see that memory can be improved in many ways, in different training and learning environments, and that these different environments have their own special benefits when training courses are required.

To find out more, go to the IRIS Online Learning webpage.

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