New IRIS eCourse

– Search, Protect and Connect – for all staff within an Organisation

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The new IRIS Search, Protect and Connect eCourse is designed for all of the people at your organisation, and will help them to learn the essentials of capturing and managing the Business Information and Evidence they create or receive in the conduct of their role.

In addition, the course will help to measure participants’ knowledge of Business Information and Evidence across your organisation with our unique performance capture and reporting from the flexible IRIS Online Learning platform.

Read the following summary of the key points and benefits of the Objectives and Contents of the New Course:

  • The course can be undertaken in approximately 15 minutes or less.
  • This short online course is designed for all staff and contractors who create, receive, or use Business Information in the conduct of their work for the organisation.
  • The course will assist the organisation to identify any gaps, omissions or confusion concerning the contents or locations of the organisation’s I&RM information assets, policies, procedures and processes.
  • The focus of this course is squarely on how staff are carrying out their jobs/roles and what information they need to capture or create as part of that job/role.
  • The focus is on how to search, protect, use, and share the business evidence of the organisation wherever it is located within the organisation.

By the end of this course, each staff member undertaking the course will be able to:

  • Discover what constitutes the Business Information and the Business Evidence within their organisation.
  • Understand what their roles, responsibilities and obligations are for the Business Information and Evidence within the organisation, i.e. what and where to capture the evidence of the business activities they undertake in the conduct of their role for the organisation.
  • Identify where the Business Information and Evidence of the organisation is held, i.e. what systems or locations, etc.
  • Understand how to capture and use the Business Information and Evidence they manage in the conduct of their role.
  • Understand the Legislative environment that is part of managing Business Information and Evidence at their organisation, and how Legislative requirements are addressed via the organisation’s rules.
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