Develop or refresh your Records and Information Management knowledge in an easy to use online environment with the IRIS Keyword Classification eCourse.

Designed for people who work with or are responsible for records in Private, Not-for-Profit, State and Federal Government organisations, this course will provide you with the skills you need to use a Keyword Thesaurus and improve your understanding of Classification Tools.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Better understand classification and how it is used to logically group your records and documents
  • Know the components of a Keyword Thesaurus and Classification Guide and see how they are applied
  • Create file and folder titles using terms from a Keyword Thesaurus

NOTE: This course is about training in Keyword Classification and we have used the Keyword AAA as a training device only.

Copies are available from the Keyword AAA webpage under a Creative Commons licence.

If you do not have a copy of Keyword AAA, examples from a Keyword Thesaurus will be provided for you throughout the course.

Important Note: Each of IRIS’s Online Training courses are available for a Maximum of 14 days for each course.  If you purchase two or more courses per person, then each course purchased attracts an additional 14 days.  Please be aware that the licence automatically expires after 14 days and under the licence conditions imposed by the software provider, IRIS is unable to re-activate expired licences.


This facility allows the purchase of one course for one person at a time.  Paying by Credit Card provides instant access to the eCourse.

This facility does not readily enable a person to book on behalf of others for one or more people for one or more courses.  It enables the booking person to book on behalf of another person, and the booking person is required to add the details of the trainee not their own details, then create a password and issue the password to the trainee.

The paying by Credit Card option requires a trainee to register for one of IRIS’s online training courses for which they MUST provide their own details including an email address and a password.  This is a requirement of the software being used for the course and not an IRIS requirement.  It will be necessary to use the email address the trainee has been provided with and remember their password for all subsequent online courses they register for.

The above method is perfectly adequate for a person booking their own training and one course at a time.

Paying by PO or EFT is entirely up to the preferences of your organisation and will provide you with an invoice for payment.  You may still pay by Credit Card using the PO or EFT option by paying the invoice issued by Credit Card.

To use this option, you only need to provide a Purchase Order number if your organisation requires you to do that.  You may place TBA in the PO number field if either you don’t use Purchase Orders or if you wish to book immediately and don’t have the PO readily available. 

This option readily enables a person to book on behalf of others for one or more people for one or more courses.  People booked using this method will receive their invoice and access to the course by between 24 – 48 hours.  From the time they receive their access to the online course they will have 14 days (10 business days) to complete the course.

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