Due to current travel restrictions, IRIS Training in Other States and Regions has been temporarily suspended.

IRIS has several online courses available which provide either an introduction to a topic or act as a ‘refresher’ for a topic. Go to the IRIS Online Learning page to find out more.

State, Territory and Regional Training

As an established training consultancy with a range of training solutions and products, IRIS offers Interstate Training to suit organisations based in other States, Territories and Regions.

Two different kinds of training – both Face to Face Training and Online Learning – work together to meet your specific needs.

Face to Face Training

We provide Face to Face Training courses, delivered at a client’s premises in other States, Territories and Regions from:

  • Any of our standard public courses, or
  • Develop a customised version of any of our standard public courses, or
  • Develop and deliver a new course constructed according to client requirements.

Online Learning

IRIS training developers can cost effectively develop and deliver new online learning courses delivered using standard internet technologies and constructed to meet client requirements.

Our online learning courses are a great way to refresh knowledge and work as an adjunct to our Face to Face courses, as well as a standalone product.

We Come To You

Meet the Pre-Requisites

  • Minimum of 12 people to attend each training course
  • A suitable venue located near a CBD
  • Two months’ notice to hold Face to Face training
  • Costings which allow for our trainer to travel

Contact Us

Contact IRIS to discuss your training requirements and for our current pricing