Depth of knowledge, breadth of experience

Collaboration is at the heart of our information management (IM) and records management (RM) consulting philosophy at IRIS. We collaborate closely, not only with clients to understand the challenges you face, but also with each other, so you benefit from the wealth of expertise within our team.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Our collegial approach means you’re able to leverage the myriad skill sets and diverse experience within our highly qualified team of specialists. As such, our information management solutions are holistic in nature.

Our information management expertise includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Business process analysis and management
  • Information strategy, architecture, assurance and risk assessment
  • Information governance consulting
  • Information and record keeping audits and reviews
  • Electronic record keeping and EDRMS implementation
  • Information and records management training
  • Policies and procedures (record keeping, records retention policy, etc)
  • Language control (business classification schemes, thesauri, taxonomies, document naming conventions, etc)
  • Records retention, disposal, archiving and disaster management


Our Philosophy

Providing tailored information management solutions

From private companies to public and not-for-profit organisations, all of our clients are different, with unique information and records management requirements. That’s why our solutions are too.

Collaborative, inclusive, innovative

Some consultancies have a rigid methodology. Others focus on the IT facets of information management, to the detriment of the big picture. At IRIS, we have a collaborative approach to delivering consultancy services and training that suits your specific strategic and operational needs.

Working in partnership with key stakeholders within your organisation, we first analyse and define your unique information challenge, then design and deliver a tailor-made solution.

Collective experience, one-on-one service

You’ll have direct access to one of our senior consultants – your dedicated contact – who in turn will access and openly share the wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise within our team of information and records management specialists.

It’s an approach that enables us to be more responsive and supportive, in the short and long term. It means we’re able to develop a deeper understanding of your organisation’s information management situation and, in turn, provide a broader, holistic solution.

What is information and records management?

Without accurate information, we lack the insights and knowledge to move forward. The science of managing information and records is therefore crucial to everything we do in our professional lives. Indeed, effective information governance is often a regulatory imperative.

Knowledge is essential

The ability to store, protect and access information and records is essential, not only at a day-to-day operational level, but also at a strategic level. Think about it. Business decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on.

Along with HR and finance, information management is your most important business support function.

Providing a competitive advantage

As information and records management specialists, we enable organisations from the public, private and NFP sectors to proactively and securely manage digital and paper-based information. We enable clients to collate, store, access and leverage their information and records.

We develop and implement the strategies, frameworks and infrastructure you need to optimise operational performance and fulfil your legal and legislative responsibilities.

  • The procedures that came with the Test Target Sheet were very straightforward and easy to follow and the page of sample results was of great value when undertaking the test as I knew what the results should look like.

    Adele Collier Water Corporation
  • These courses bring together all the varied components of recordkeeping and give the knowledge structure and context. This has enabled me to gain a bigger picture view and to see the purpose of specific activities and how they fit together.

    Peter Bull Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • I attended the Records Disposal training with Gwen. I had so many light bulb moments I now know what my work colleagues are talking about and I can join the conversation with knowledge. I can apply my new found skills to my job.

    Stephanie Hooper Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
  • Thank you IRIS Consulting for Going Digital.  We have struggled finding a platform to start the education of our team in digitisation.  Then we were introduced to Going Digital and we are now using it in our training program.  We use it as a tool to educate our team on … what digitisation  is… how we need to view it …and what is required.  Going Digital has provided my team a fundamental understanding of concept, framework and language. It enables them to develop their knowledge and actively participate in the development of our own digitisation program.  This is a free, knowledgeable and easily accessible resource that we are thankful we can tap into.

    Sheryll Gourdis Department of Communities
  • The Disposals Course was very informative, well presented and the practical exercises were a great way to learn and share information.

    Shirley Van Rosi Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
  • Training was well delivered to a variety of skill levels. I'd recommend it.

    Tarmla Cook Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
  • I wasn't a previous records officer and found the presenters very clear, helpful and would talk you through the situations applicable to your worksite. No question was unanswered, and no question was treated with the upmost importance. My attention was held all day, and left feeling like I could go back to my workplace and be confident to perform the records officer role.

    Leeanne Adams Shire of Coolgardie
  • The Records Disposal course was run by Gwen who really connects with her audience. She took time to answer all questions and made sure staff from various organisations understood the relevant resources. The content covered was relevant to my current work situation and I feel confident in applying the knowledge and skills developed through participation in the course.

    Lesley Annamalay University of Western Australia
  • The Recordkeeping & Accountability for Councillors eCourse was great, to the point and clarified my obligations really well. Nice mix of different mediums to communicate as well.

    Cr Tracie McDougall City of South Perth
  • Loved the ease and content of the course.

    Belinda Cross Shire of Exmouth


If you would like to find out more or discuss your organisation’s specific information and records management requirements, simply get in touch with us.