Going Digital

Managing Information Within Network Drives

Managing Information Within Network Drives   Many organisations, across all sectors, capture and store their electronic documents within Network Drives – including the all-important Business Evidence of their organisation. Yet cost and time constraints can make the purchase and implementation of digital systems with recordkeeping capabilities hard to achieve. Where an organisation has commenced using […]

Making the Physical Workplace Digital

Remote Working has become a necessity for many organisations, as the world changes and digital trends are accelerated. For many organisations, and for records and information managers and staff, the difficulties of translating our work from the physical to the digital environment can be a challenge to overcome. This is because an organisation may try […]

Building Information Management Capability

The value of well-managed information to organisations is not always well-recognised. Traditional asset management practice has not always identified or treated organisational information as an “asset”. Yet business information is a valuable asset, with a financial value, and one which influences customer service and satisfaction, productivity, and competitive advantage in an information-rich setting. Building the […]

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